I started this blog my freshman year in high school. It was the product of my frustration with school, an attempt to voice my grievances, offer solutions, and reach out to other students in similar situations. The posts reflect the struggles I was going through in high school, from trying to advocate for my own education to trying to fit in socially during a difficult period of my life. It also allowed me to stretch my intellectual muscle in outside of a school environment.
I’ve been getting weekly emails on the blog’s page view stats and it has been getting over 150 page views a week for over a year now. I hope that the people that found this site found it informative and helpful, and thank you to those who commented to offer support, dissenting opinions, and to ask for advice.

This chapter in the story of my life has a happy ending. I was accepted into the University of Southern California a year early through our Resident Honors Program. The program allows high achieving high school juniors to apply early for college. I was enrolled as a full time freshman in 2009. After brief struggles with my former high school I was able to receive my high school diploma despite leaving school early. Currently I am studying History with an emphasis on the Middle East with plans to go to law school. College has by far been one of the best experiences of my life. The intellectual environment is stimulating and challenging, I’ve met friends for life, and gotten involved around campus. I’m continuing to advocate for student’s as the president of Blacks in Social Science, a club for African American humanities and social science majors pursuing a liberal education through the College of Letters Arts and Sciences.

I hope that my story inspires other students to persevere through the struggles of the rigid and sometimes unforgiving education system.

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