Quote of the Day

“Education is about learning to deal with uncertainty and ambiguity. It is about learning to savor the quality of the journey. It is about inquiry and deliberation. It is about becoming critically minded and intellectually curious, and it is about learning how to frame and pursue your own educational aims.”

-Elliot W. Eisner

When we try and educate our students and the only goal in mind is to do well on a government administered test, how can we expect our students to have fun or take away meaningful experiences from their education. What they are going to receive is a sense that they are not unique and that there only purpose is to take tests. When this is applied to a critical thinker, such as a gifted student, they may probe even deeper. They may find out that a schools performance on a test dictates the type of funding that they receive, and that the school gets money from a student being present in class. Are those really the images and ideas that we want to be sending to our gifted students?


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