Becoming Involved: Joining Your Local Gifted Advocacy Group

One of the best ways to get involved in gifted education is to join a local gifted advocacy group. These groups often consist of parents, teachers, and administrators who discuss issues relating to gifted education. They can be of any size, from your school’s gifted parent meetings to a nationally recognized and influential program such as The National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC). Many states have their own programs which work for gifted students at the state level and many counties or school districts have their own one as well which influence their own areas. The scope of influence is varied. Programs such as California Association for The Gifted (CAG) even have their own lobbyist. Similarly for each program their are different positions to fill. There are different ways to become involved, from going to a meeting to becoming an president of the association to participating in a comity. If you want to get involved furthur in Gifted Education then joining a gifted advocacy group is a good path to take.

Benifiets of An Advocacy Group:

Community– Each of the groups has people who are experienced in the area of gifted education, by getting to know these people you will expand your knowledge and influence in the world of gifted education

Learning– Many programs offer seminars and workshops which will enhance your knowledge of Gifted Education and allow you to become a better advocate for your gifted student.

Tips and Tricks– Many of the people who you will meet through a gifted advocacy group will have gifted students who have been through what your students are going through. They will be able to offer tips for your situations and for your students.

Other Perks
– The programs may offer a newsletter or magazine which contains even more information, often written by the leading names in Gifted Education. I also know of groups that give away books and other resources for Gifted Education.

By joining a gifted advocacy group, you not only gain access to a support system for you and your gifted student, but also you will gain valuable information and experience that will help to guide you through the gifted education process. Keep advocating, it is the best way to bring about change!

List of Advocacy Groups:

National Association for Gifted Children

California Association for the Gifted

Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted

Tri-County Gate Council


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