John Hopkins Center for Talanted Youth

The John Hopkins Center For Talented Youth (CTY) is a talent search program that offers gifted students the chance to interact with peers on a similar intellectual level as well as recieve an education from some of the most talented scholars around the country. I am part of CTY and my experience has been wonderful. I have been able to meet students who think like I think, and who have the same interest in education that I have. CTY is one of many talent search programs around the country. They allow students to join based on either a aptitude test, 6th grade and under, or an SAT score. Once you are accepted in to the program, there are various options and resources available to you and your gifted student. There are seminars held at colleges around the country where you and your student will be treated to talks and discussions hosted by some of the countries most renowned scholars. Your student can take a distance course in areas ranging from English and Math to computer science and journaling. There are also trips to various countries where you and your student will not only be treated to an education, but you will be able to see some of the world’s most beautiful venues.

Personally, I have participated in both the one-day seminars and the distance programs. I have really enjoyed the one day seminars. They have allowed me to immerse myself in topics that I do not normally get to pursue during the normal school day. I have learned about subject areas from cryptography to marine biology. However, as much as I have enjoyed the seminars, I have enjoyed the distance courses even more. I have participated in two. One in English and one in math. Of the two I enjoyed the English more. In the math course, I worked by myself, and had the privilege to substitute my normal school math for the distance course. In contrast, the English course was a group of gifted students that were all writing for the same prompt. When we were done with our essay or writing piece, we would submit it to an online forum. Then our instructor would select three to four essays to post. Everyone would then read over the essays and comment on the positive and negative points of the writing. For me it was an enlightening experience. I had never had an English class where all of the students were on the same intellectual playing field as me. Each and every piece of feedback was meaningful and allowed me to enhance my writing. To this day, I have not had an experience such as this. What I also enjoyed was the ability to write without failing. As long as my essays were received on time, there was no chance that I would receive a bad grade. This allowed me to experiment with different styles and techniques that I would never have had the opportunity to try if I had been in a normal class. I strongly urge you to look into the CTY program. There is a strong possibility that it may change your gifted students life.

The link to the CTY homepage can be found here

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  2. Interest in summer programs as well as on-line programs for our son who is currently in 7th grade.
    Thank you!

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