NCLB Turns Five

Today is the fifth anniversary of No Child Left Behind (NCLB) the bill that holds schools accountable for their students and enforces yearly testing to evaluate how each school performs. NCLB has been a target of the gifted community since it was signed into law five years ago. Many in the area of gifted education say that NCLB, and its focus on testing, has left gifted students with no challenges and has kept them in lower and less challenging classes when they could move ahead. However, the law does have some good points. It has raised test scores and has held schools, and therefore teachers, accountable for their students. Many gifted educators agree that the law does have merits, but many organizations and leaders in the field of gifted education have lobbied for a reform that would allow gifted students to be able to be challenged in context with NCLB.

My perspective as a student is different. I believe that even though NCLB may be bad for some gifted students, I can not see that even without the law there would be any difference in the way that I receive my education. I think that I would have the same problems and challenges that I have faced, and that I am facing now. I do not think that the removal of a few tests would have changed the experiences that I had during my elementary and middle school years. My opinions aside, I would like to see what the rest of you think about NCLB, whether it be bad or good. Leave your comments and then we can discuss them later.


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