Books on My Reading List #1

This is a series that I hope to keep going for awhile to give everyone some good ideas for what to read and what to get there gifted student for a birthday or holiday. This will also give you an idea of what I read and what I think would be good for other gifted students to read. Most of these will be for students my age (middle teens), but I will try and get in some books for younger gifted students. Enjoy and feel free to post your comments about this and other posts!

Books On My Reading List #1:

The Gifted Kids Survival Guide: A Teen Handbook

I absolutely love this book! It has good, interesting, relevant information that all gifted teens can use. It is the one book that I go back to again and again when I have a problem about school or gifted education. The book has most of the information that I would want if I were tackling the issues that face many of the gifted students today (I have used it to tackle many of them already), but you are going to have to discover that all for yourself. Read the book and read it again it will help.


One response to “Books on My Reading List #1

  1. Based on 20 years of working with gifted kids I know many of them love fantasy and science fiction. I’ve been roaming around the literature blogs looking for the “perfect” books for my gifted students. We’ve read some great ones, by the way. Anyway, while I was roaming I came across Cybils and they have recently posted the short lists of what children and YA literature bloggers think are the best books of the year. You might check it out.

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