The Gifted Exchange

As many of you know, the Gifted Niche is extremely small. If you Google giftedness or any other relating terms, you often come up with the same websites. You get the same good sites and they all have similar information. I was searching around the blogoshphere looking for some other blogs on Gifted Education and I was presently surprised when I stumbled across The Gifted Exchange which is written by the co-author of Genius Denied: How to Stop Wasting our Brightest Young Minds. I have seen the and have heard various raves about it as well, even though I have not yet read it. The Gifted Exchange is filled with long and in-depth articles ranging from Vacation Homework to Gifted Adults. The site has a wonderful archive with posts from as far back as September 2005. I have looked over many of the posts and I have found them both entertaining and informative. It is always nice to have different perspectives on Gifted Education, and the articles on the site are relevant to the challenges facing the Gifted Community today. If you have some time and would like some interesting material to read, make sure to check out The Gifted Exchange


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