Gifted Gift #2: Gifted Kids Survival Guide

Gifted Kids Survival Guide

The second gift in the Gifted Gifts series is the Gifted Kids Survival Guide. Written by two of the experts in the field of Gifted Education, Judy Galbraith and Jim Delisle the book allows gifted kids to evaluate themselves and what their “giftedness” means. It gives tips for managing stress, peers, and parents. The book also outlines IQ tests, early entrance and distance programs, and how to advocate for yourself. Essentially it is exactly what the title suggests, a handbook for gifted kids. There are two versions, one for gifted kids under 10 and one for gifted teens. Both offer age appropriate material that is relevant to your gifted child’s life. This is one of those books that you could put on the table, and then later that day expect to see your child reading it (that’s how I started it) . The world can be a tough place for gifted kids, but this book does a good job of giving gifted children a companion as they make their way through school.

The link to the official site of the book can be found here


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