Bloging For Gifted Kids?

As we near the holidays, I received a nice little present in the form of a large visitor group sent over from after Wells On Education was featured in their Education Carnival. Thanks you guys, I was very happy to see all the visitors. So in honor of the wonderful blogosphere, here is a post about bloging for gifted kids.

The outlook on blogs that today’s parents have is mixed. Some do not like them, so do not mind them, some read them, and some may even have a blog. However, blogs offer something to the Gifted community that may not be present during the school day, the chance to freely write about a topic of interest without the fear of a failing. As the school experience increasingly focuses on getting into higher education, and a bad grade is seen in a bad light regardless of the context that it was received in, Gifted children have less room to be creative and think outside the box. Often if a gifted child tries a new project or idea that does not work, they fail the assignment, so it is no wonder that Gifted children have a fear of failing. However, the opportunity for a medium where a Gifted child can express their thoughts and feelings about a particular subject, and in a way that will not be given a passing or failing grade, allows Gifted children to stretch their creative muscle and show the world what they are capable of.

For example, you might be surprised to learn that this blog is written by a 14 year old teenager as an offshoot of his mother’s business; however, being a gifted individual myself, and having a passion for gifted education, have started writing this blog as a way for me voice my opinions on gifted education. By allowing your gifted child to start a blog about a subject of their interest, not necessarily relating to school, you allow him or her to be who he or she wants to be, and you allow them the chance to succeed in an area outside of the classroom.


One response to “Bloging For Gifted Kids?

  1. You might enjoy seeing our blog. About 25 of my gifted students started blogging about 6 weeks ago. I think it’s been a great success! Check it out at

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