Engaging Your Gifted Child

Does your gifted child seem bored and unmotivated? Do you constantly get complaints from your gifted child that school is boring? Keep your child motivated and engaged by identifying areas that your child is enthusiastic about. For example, if your gifted child says he or she is bored in math, but they love computers, consider a math computer game that will teach them all of the basic skills that they need to succeed in math, while keeping them engaged and enthusiastic about the subjects that they are learning. The same principle can be applied to older students as well. Instead of a math computer game, consider a robotics class or a computer science workshop.

In order to keep your gifted child engaged in the work that they are doing, an active roll of the parents is necessary. If your gifted child believes that you are taking an active roll in their education, they are more likely to be engaged and interested in their subjects. Your involvement can be a range of activities including volunteering, helping with homework, and taking them to educational programs outside of school, as well as many others.

The more a gifted child believes that he or she can excel and learn in a subject area, the more likely they are to become receptive to learning that subject. By providing your gifted child with opportunities and new experiences, you are setting them up to succeed.

A book from Prufrock’s Gifted Education Blog can be found here


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