Stanford’s EPGY Online High School

Stanford EPGY Online HS Seal

Stanford has recently launched an online high school for Gifted Children.

An Overview of the EPGY Online High School (OHS) at Stanford University
What is the OHS?
A diploma granting, three-year, online independent high school situated at Stanford University within the Education Program for Gifted Youth.
What are the goals of the OHS?
• To prepare gifted students for success both in life and in their future intellectual pursuits.
• To provide gifted students everywhere with an opportunity to receive an education comparable to that offered by the best schools in the world.
• To provide a high school diploma, thereby making it possible for gifted students to pursue advanced academic opportunities without worrying about how those opportunities fit into their high school’s diploma requirements.
What are some features of the OHS?
• Fully accredited high-school diploma
• Online school mixing seminar-style and directed-study courses
• College-style class schedule
• Academically rigorous courses
o Enhanced mathematical content in natural science and social science courses
o Emphasis on writing, discussion, and argumentation
o University-level courses available in some subjects
• Challenging core courses
o History of Science and Culture
o Grammar, Rhetoric, and Argumentation
o Democracy, Freedom, and Rule of Law
• Optional intensive residential summer courses at Stanford University
• Flexibility in pursuing outside educational opportunities
o Support for students who take some courses at their local schools
o Ability to transfer to OHS credits earned by students in other programs
• Engaging extracurricular academic activities building on student interests
• Advisory and support services
o Guidance concerning offerings by other programs
o Support in the college application process
What types of gifted students might be interested in the OHS?
• Gifted students who would otherwise enter college without high school diplomas
• Gifted students in rural areas or overseas
• Gifted students who are home schooled
• Gifted students in Title I schools
• Gifted students who are satisfied with some aspects of their local schools, but who want a more intensive academic program in certain subjects
• Gifted students interested in serious academic pursuits divergent from the standard high school curriculum

The fact that the program offers both an all class option as well as a some-class option is an obvious plus, however the full option has its drawbacks. The online environment will allow students limited access to their piers and some parts of a normal school life will be compromised, including labs as well as sports. The program does offer a summer segment that it encourages full time students to participate in where they will get to meet their piers in person as well as do such activities such as labs that they were not able to do online. The obvious advantages include access to a world-renowned college as well as the great education that is sure to come from the program.

The program has a lengthy application process, with an application eight pages long, not unlike a college application. The application requires students to complete short answer questions, provide teacher references and to submit an example of their work spanning subjects from English to Computer Science. The program is going to have an initial admission of about 300.

The Stanford EPGY High School has huge potential for Gifted Children struggling in the current school system, the unorthodox model of the Online High School allows students to break the mold and pursue their interests without being burdened down with the current school system.

More information about the program can be found here


2 responses to “Stanford’s EPGY Online High School

  1. yes, this was very helpful, thankyou!

  2. this looks like a wonderful opportunity! I’m looking into it for my senior year.
    however, my apologies, but the nitpicky part of my brain insists I warn you that you misspelled “peers.” sorry…

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